HIGH COAT Technology

Resistance in the pencil test (ASTM 3363 and JIS 5400-8.4)4H

Resistance to solvents (acetone), carried out using special constant pressure machine

6000 passages 

Resistance to rubbing, in which cloths were moistened with a normal household product, carried out using a special constant pressure machine

4000 passages
Gloss96 gloss
Resistance to salt spray mist(ASTMB 117 / UNI ISO 9227)> 1500  hours  
Adhesive strength (UNI 8574.6 /JIS 5400-8.5)10 (maximum evaluation points)

Comparison betweeb a normal dipping varnish and HIGH COAT

Scale of rising hardness values:

2B (-2), B (-1), HB (0), H (1), 2H (2), 3 H (3), 4H (4), 5H (5), ...


The parts varnished with dipping varnish begin to corrode after 20 hours of being sprayed with a salt spray mist, while the articles treated with the HIGH COAT process show no signs of corrosion in the salt spray mist, even after 1500 hours.

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