is a surface treatment which coats surfaces with metal compounds in a high vacuum environment, combined with different gases on a molecular basis.

The term Physical Vapour Deposition (PVD) is very well-known in the technology sector.

Over several years, there has been an increased demand in the decorating sector for PVD products, especially for use in outdoor applications.

Almar has worked towards this over many years and is now proud to have achieved results which have been recognised by the market and led to the building of a specialist plant. 


Technical characteristics of products treated with Protec Finishing:

  • twice as hard as chrome (HV 2500/3000 Vickers), making them especially resistant to wear and tear.
  • resistant to over 2000 hours of spraying with salt spray mist, without /--surface changes (ISO 9227 ASTMB1I7DIN50021).
  • Unlimited resistance to hydrochloric acid.
  • Unlimited resistance to solvents (test carried out with MEK = methyl ethyl ketone)
  • Unlimited resistant to specific lime-dissolving substances and all products used for cleaning bath surfaces.
  • Light fastness of colour without changes (UNI9397) over 2400 hours.  


  • Durability against surface rubbing is practically unlimited.
  • The colour of the product does not fade or peel off, but remains unchanged for many years.
  • Door handles and accessories are no longer damaged during painting of houses and windows, or use of cleaning products.
  • The Protec surface is extremely resilient (in coastal and industrial areas).
  • 20-year guarantee for this surface!
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