This system offers you a variety of possible combinations, leaving no customer unsatisfied.

The system can be installed quickly thanks to the 38mm drilling distance, the 4mm eyelet (crosshead) screws, and the rosettes, which can be clipped on quickly.

The system provides an exact, durable and smooth fit for latch keys, thanks to the integrated holding spring, and a flawless grip with 7mm positioning studs.

The system is manufactured for installation in standard doors (door thickness 38-42mm). If the thickness of your door is not within these limits, please mention this when ordering.

VARIO STAR rosettes have a 16mm latch key direction. The 0 for rosettes is 50 or 55mm. Smooth rosettes are 8mm thick, while curved rosettes (bicolour) are 9mm thick. All VARIO STAR long plates are 9mm thick.

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