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Employees & future

Süd-Metall is an international company involved in the direct sales of fittings for doors and semi-finished parts made of stainless steel, brass and wrought iron for mental and glass construction. Our highly motivated field and internal sales teams, along with our high product quality and the very best service, ensure dynamic company growth and increased customer satisfaction.

New hires are becoming increasingly more common in particular in the field sales team due to restructuring activities and more intensive support for individual territories. If interested please visit www.StepStone.de or contact us.

Süd-Metall Beschläge GmbH
Sägewerkstr. 5
D-83404 Ainring/Hammerau
Telefon: 0 86 54 / 46 75 50
E-Mail: info@suedmetall.com

Easy and Versatile: Access Control via Voxio RFID Reader.


Our new brochure "Zeitlos 02" presents an even larger assortment of fittings and accessories in dark surfaces.

On these 458 pages, filled with the most important products from your field of activity, our World of Trend assortments awaits you.

Opening doors via Smartphone: ÜLock BLE and KleverKey can make it happen...

The range of fireplace accessories has been reworked for you at Südmetall and can now be presented to you in a new catalog.

On a total of 116 pages, we will present you with tried and tested products and a lot of innovations concerning the automatic door drive technology...

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Südmetall has been carrying the "Leitbetrieb" seal since the turn of the year and thus sets a clear example of service quality. In the service desert...