Südmetall sets a sign

Südmetall has been carrying the "Leitbetrieb" seal since the turn of the year and thus sets a clear example of service quality.  In the service desert of Germany and Austria, which is sometimes described here, Südmetall wants to stand out clearly and break new ground in the area of ​​service. 

We offer more than product catalogs

We offer our customers standardized and individual solutions so that they can realize their projects.  Customers can use a variety of information media to find out about our products.  Extensive product catalogs, a homepage and an online shop are available.  In addition, our customers are advised and informed at trade fairs and through a comprehensive field service.  The sales and customer service is available at Südmetall at the working days, furthermore the offer department is there for individual customer consultations. 

Service addresses all areas of the company

Südmetall has anchored its corporate values ​​of competence, reliability and fairness in the company.  For the company, the service culture is expressed in the value of reliability.  The customer can rely on a high, consistent standard of service in all areas and for all employees.  We transfer our service concept to the products, processes and personalities, ie the employees.  The company has recognized that motivated employees who receive feedback on their day-to-day work live the service culture authentically and pass it on to other employees.  Südmetall will stick to this basic idea and expand it further.  For Südmetall, both external and internal customers have the same significance.  Only when internal customers are treated with the same high standard can ultimately a high level of service arrive at the customer.  Südmetall commits itself to maintaining its service culture and to optimizing all related processes with the seal "Leitbetrieb".  Suggestions for improvement from the ranks of the employees help, such as feedback from our customers themselves.

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Unser neuer

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We have recently obtained the general building inspectorate approval / general type approval (abz) for our clamp holders.

The responsible use of resources is very important to us. That's why we try to recycle waste as best we can.




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Südmetall has been carrying the "Leitbetrieb" seal since the turn of the year and thus sets a clear example of service quality. In the service desert...