Barrier-free door system


Innovative - Barrier-free - Practical

Accessibility is becoming increasingly important in today's society. Therefore, we have brought a barrier-free door system consisting of door and door handle on the market. As the product name "LIBRE" already suggests, we want to make life easier for our customers. Following you will find all information documents.


The Simply_Swing folding door not only saves considerable traffic areas, but also allows wheelchair or walker users a particularly comfortable passage. Without maneuvering, the door can be opened and closed. The Simply_Push handle set always remains in the gripping area.
Nursing and service personnel can also operate the latch with their elbows without having to bend down. The large handle width makes it much easier to use the door when pushing wheelchairs.


• wheelchair or rollator users
• User groups with widely varying body sizes (eg children or short people)
• Homes, care facilities, hospitals where the door is closed by both. B. nurses with full hands, as well as z. B. Wheelchair users and / or people with motor impairments can be operated without problems
• Reconstruction to provide accessibility. Existing door lining can be used unchanged

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We have recently obtained the general building inspectorate approval / general type approval (abz) for our clamp holders.

Take a look at our object assortement for architects.

The responsible use of resources is very important to us. That's why we try to recycle waste as best we can.




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