The new era of shocks

Ordinary blows with a key as an access option were yesterday. Recently, our offer also includes push handles with integrated finger scan and optional LED lighting. Thus, a practical and modern solution of keyless entry is combined with an appealing design of the complete front door.

With regard to the Fingerscan can be chosen between the two renowned providers Idencom (finger scan with CMOS sensor 690-000-X) and ekey (ekey Arte).

The satin stainless steel handles have a milling for the respective finger scan and are available in different lengths from 600 to 1600 mm.

Optionally, we also have an LED illuminated push-pull version with or without ekey finger scanner on offer.

This new era of push handles will certainly make any door shine in full glory.


We have recently obtained the general building inspectorate approval / general type approval (abz) for our clamp holders.

Take a look at our object assortement for architects.

Christmas is the celebration of love and charity. That´s why we decided to take Christmas 2019 as an occasion to help by making a donation instead of...

The responsible use of resources is very important to us. That's why we try to recycle waste as best we can.




Easy and Versatile: Access Control via Voxio RFID Reader.


Opening doors via Smartphone: ÜLock BLE and KleverKey can make it happen...

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