Innovative and flexible combinable

Vario Star® is a family of highly innovative mounting systems. These offer a variety of combination options and therefore leave nothing to be desired. All systems of the Vario Star® family guarantee a precise, long-lasting and flutter-free fit of the pusher as well as a perfect hold. The assembly can be done quickly and easily.

Each item is individually selectable thanks to Vario Star®.

1 system - 6 innovations

The Vario Star® family already consists of six innovative mounting systems with different approaches. The origin of the proven quality system Vario Star® Basic with clip rosette and spring-up spring. This resulted in the other systems Vario Star® MRM Comfort with screw rosette and ball bearing, Vario Star® Top Speed ​​(Comfort) with bayonet closure, Vario Star® Flat (enables flush mounting), Vario Star® Plano (dowel mounting) and Vario Star® Velox Fix.




The individual systems to download:


We have recently obtained the general building inspectorate approval / general type approval (abz) for our clamp holders.

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The responsible use of resources is very important to us. That's why we try to recycle waste as best we can.




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