Guarantee declaration:

Quality is not an empty word for us. Our door fittings and window handles are extremely stable and have a long service life. For this reason, we grant the following guarantees in addition to the statutory liability for defects (consisting of supplementary performance, withdrawal, reduction and compensation):

  • 12 year guarantee on function and stability for fittings of the Vario Star system family, for security fittings with test DIN 18257 or for security fittings which are combined with a set of the Vario Star system family as well as for all window sashes with test EN 13126
  •  5 year guarantee on high coat surfaces
  • 20 years surface guarantee on Robusta and ABACO products
  • 20 years efficacy guarantee on ABACO products


For further information, please refer to the respective warranty statement:


We have recently obtained the general building inspectorate approval / general type approval (abz) for our clamp holders.

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The responsible use of resources is very important to us. That's why we try to recycle waste as best we can.

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