Apprenticeship at Südmetall

Start your professional future at Südmetall, where innovation and tradition go hand in hand. As an internationally active company in the field of fittings, locking systems and semi-finished parts for glass and metal construction, Südmetall not only offers expertise in a dynamic market, but also a fruitful learning environment for our committed trainees.

Here, at the Ainring/Hammerau site, every single one of our more than 280 employees – including 10 apprentices and 5 trainers – counts towards the success of our team. We are proud to create a space where talent is discovered and nurtured and where the joy of innovation and trends is paramount.

Südmetall values the individuality of each team member and understands that the unique combination of experience and talent makes each of our employees special. With our open-door policy and flat hierarchies, we promote a culture of openness where everyone interacts on a first-name basis and ideas fall on fertile ground.

We offer apprenticeships in the fields of wholesale and foreign trade, warehouse clerk and warehouse logistics specialist. Training at Südmetall is your springboard to a promising career. Take the initiative and submit your application to become part of our passionate team.

We look forward to getting to know you and shaping the future together!

What you can expect from an apprenticeship with us!

An apprenticeship at Südmetall offers numerous advantages that will give you the ideal start to your professional career:

  • Practice-oriented learning: The combination of practical training at the Ainring/Hammerau site and theoretical lessons at the vocational school (in blocks or weekly) ensures comprehensive and application-oriented training.
  • Regular change of department (rotation procedure): This gives you a comprehensive insight into all Südmetall departments and allows you to find out in which area your strengths lie.
  • Trainee excursions: Together with the trainers, there is an annual excursion day with exciting activities. This allows us to get to know each other better. These excursions strengthen the sense of community and offer space for informal interaction away from the daily work routine.
  • Training courses: It is important to us that our trainees know the company and its products well, which is why we organize trainee training days several times a year. Here, the necessary know-how for your training is imparted in a relaxed atmosphere.
  • International experience: As a globally active company, Südmetall offers an insight into international business processes and enables you to gain experience in a globally networked market environment.
  • Variety of apprenticeships: With a selection of apprenticeships in the commercial sector and in warehouse logistics, you can choose the right path for you and develop your individual strengths and interests.
  • Personal development: Südmetall attaches great importance to the individual support and development of trainees. The unique talents and abilities of each individual are taken into account.
  • Teamwork and corporate culture: Südmetall’s corporate culture is based on a strong team spirit, openness and flat hierarchies. This atmosphere supports networking and facilitates communication and the exchange of knowledge.
  • Future prospects: Due to the high importance that innovation and trends have for Südmetall, trainees always have their finger on the pulse and benefit from a future-proof learning environment.
  • Open-door policy: The open-door policy allows you to actively seek feedback and interact with different levels within the company, which contributes to holistic professional development.
  • Good chances of being taken on: If you perform well, the chances of being taken on after your training are very good, as the company is interested in retaining trained talent in the long term.
  • Family atmosphere: Despite the international orientation and size of the company, Südmetall maintains a family atmosphere in which trainees can quickly feel integrated and comfortable.
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