Escape door control

An attractive potential for added value and convenience in emergency exit control is found in the coordinated interaction of modern modular systems. For example, the innovative combination of electromechanical panic locks and electric escape door control systems allows the most demanding requirements of emergency exit control to be met with reduced effort and greater planning flexibility.

The protection of escape doors in buildings poses complex requirements for all those involved, because the security measures must on the one hand ensure the protection of human life in emergency situations by means of panic function, but on the other hand they must also reliably prevent unauthorized access to escape routes (e.g. to protect material assets or for controlled access to sensitive data). Specialist planners, architects and property users demand maximum security in both cases and want both flexibility and convenience in planning and application. If hardware and software components are connected in a precisely fitting manner, such versatile requirements can be implemented in an uncomplicated manner and attractive functionalities can be added. A first modern modular solution of this kind now intelligently links electromechanical and electrical locking systems of doors in escape and rescue routes, thereby expanding not only planning possibilities for new buildings, but also and especially for retrofitting properties.

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