LIBRE – barrier free door handles

The Libre Accessible Door System is a breakthrough innovation that ushers in a new era in accessibility. Designed specifically for people with reduced mobility, it offers a simple and intuitive solution for access to rooms and buildings. This door system is not only highly functional, but also aesthetically pleasing. It blends seamlessly into any environment and gives any room a modern and elegant look.


This innovative door system is not only beneficial for people with limited mobility, but also for the elderly and families with small children. It provides a safe and convenient solution for access to rooms and buildings, contributing to a barrier-free and inclusive environment for all. It is intuitive to use and requires no special knowledge or skills. This makes it an ideal solution for public buildings, hospitals, schools, offices and homes. The door system is robust and reliable, and it is designed for everyday use.


Libre is the perfect choice for anyone who values functionality, aesthetics and accessibility. The door system is an investment in the future and a step towards an inclusive society.


The Libre Accessible Door System is easy to install and does not require complicated remodeling. It can be installed in any room or building and perfectly fits any door type and size. It meets the highest standards of safety and comfort and provides an optimal user experience. The LIBRE door system is certified according to DIN 18040 – 1 and DIN 18040 – 2. In addition to being used in wooden doors, the system can also be used in glass doors.

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Südmetall offers a completely barrier-free product range

Simply Swing folding door

The Simply Swing folding door not only saves considerable traffic space, but also enables wheelchair or walker users to pass through it with particular ease. The door can be opened and closed without having to maneuver. Also available with antibacterial surface on request.

Product features:

  • No risk of crushing
  • Door opens outwards
  • Low space requirement
  • Tightly closing
  • All standards for wheelchair accessibility met
  • No obstruction during cleaning
  • Wheelchair accessible according to DIN 17040 for wet rooms
  • For wooden and glass doors (GG)

Simply Push lever handle set

The Simply Push handle set always remains within reach. Care and service personnel can also operate the handle with their elbow without having to bend down. The large handle width makes it much easier to use the door when pushing wheelchairs. Also available with antibacterial surface upon request.

Product features:

  • Tested in accordance with EN 1906, GK 4
  • Top speed quality
  • All standards for wheelchair accessibility met
  • Barrier-free use even in deep door niches
  • No danger of jamming
  • Easy to clean
  • Both heights accessible

For which areas of application is the Libre door system suitable?

The Libre door system is extremely versatile and is suitable for a range of applications. In particular, the system is ideal for user groups with widely varying body heights, such as children or people of small stature. The door system is also an excellent choice in homes, care facilities and hospitals, where the door needs to be operated without difficulty by care staff with their hands full as well as by wheelchair users and/or people with motor impairments. In addition, it is also suitable for conversion work to create barrier-free access, as the existing door lining can continue to be used unchanged. Wheelchair or rollator users will appreciate the advantages of the door system. The tonality is convincing and underlines the versatile application possibilities of the door system.