Door fittings – security and convenience in one

Whether for fire doors, front doors, room doors or windows, we have the right fitting for every need. Our door fittings are available in various materials such as stainless steel, brass, chrome, aluminum or wrought iron for a stylish look. We also have the right fittings and handles for sliding doors. For balcony and front doors we offer push handles in various designs. Window olives and furniture fittings are also part of our wide range of products.

More than just a door handle: accentuate your home with our unique door fittings!

A door handle is more than just a practical accessory. It is an important detail that affects the appearance of a door and adds to the character of a room. Whether you choose a modern or antique style depends on your personal preferences. The shape of the door handle also plays a role: should it be square, oval or round? Each shape has its own charm and can look different depending on the style of interior. For a contemporary design, flush door handles are the trend. They blend seamlessly into the door for a modern, minimalist look.

The perfect mix of functionality and design – door fittings made of first-class materials

Another important factor is the material. While a stainless steel door handle gives a modern look, a black door fitting can create an elegant and timeless atmosphere. Ultimately, choosing a door handle is an expression of your individual taste and a way to add character to your home. Our door fittings collection offers not only radiant stainless steel door handles, but also door knobs in various finishes such as polished or satin stainless steel, shiny brass, sparkling chrome, aluminum and even wrought iron.

Südmetall door handles are so easy to install

We make sure that our door handle techniques meet the highest standards. After all, door handles are not only visual, but also functional elements that are used every day. So with us you will not only find the right fitting for your taste and wallet, but also for every technical requirement profile. Our patented Vario Star mounting systems allow you to quickly and precisely install your selected door handles. We have continuously expanded our knowledge through in-house research and close collaboration with our production facility in Italy. As a result, we are always able to present you with new products of the highest quality that are distinguished by proven Südmetall excellence.

The installation of our Top Speed door handles is so simple that even inexperienced people will not have any difficulties. Accurate placement of the door handle also ensures that it functions properly and provides a pleasant operating experience. You can find out more about our Vario Star assembly techniques here.

Safety first – put your trust in our first-class fire door fittings

A door fitting for fire doors is an indispensable element for any building that needs to comply with fire safety regulations. The right front door hardware for fire doors can save lives and minimize property damage in an emergency. This is because it ensures easy and quick escape from the building as well as effective firefighting by the fire department. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that the door fittings for fire doors meets the requirements and is robust and reliable. Protect yourself and those around you by relying on high-quality front door fittings for fire doors.