ABACO – antibacterial and antiviral fittings

Antibacterial and antiviral fittings provide reliable and durable protection by acting not only antimicrobial but also antiviral.

The topic of health and hygiene is more important than ever in view of the times of the coronavirus pandemic. We now know that primarily droplet infection and aerosols transmit the coronavirus. However, other pathogens, germs and bacteria are also frequently transmitted via the hands – and consequently often via door handles. Preventive hygiene standards, such as classic hand disinfection, are not always sufficient here to prevent contact infections. We all strive to minimize health risks and prevent infections.

After the actual pandemic situation, Almar Südmetall Group has worked hard to make ABACO® PVD coating more and more effective against viruses. It has been tested so that the coating ABACO® is virucidal against the coronavirus strain MHV, the genus Betacoronavirus (same genus and family as SARS-CoV-1, SARS-CoV-2 / COVID19 and MERS). The Biology Institute of the University of Campinas – Brazil in accordance with the international standard ISO-BS ISO 21702: 2019 (first edition 2019-05-27), performed the above tests. The Research and Development Department of Almar Südmetall Group has always strived to develop the ABACO® coating in order to constantly improve its properties.

ABACO® fittings therefore not only have an antibacterial and antimicrobial effect and begin to eliminate bacteria after only 5 minutes, but also have a bacteriostatic function, because even after the first contact with ABACO®, bacteria are inhibited in their growth. From the 45th minute after contact, the bacteria are eliminated and after just 2 hours, ABACO® fittings promise 99.99% antiviral effectiveness.

What exactly is ABACO®?

ABACO® is a PVD surface, which, in combination with silver ions, achieves excellent antimicrobial and antiviral effectiveness. ABACO® has been developed in our production center Protec Surface Technologies. The PVD surface provides excellent resistance and durability by preventing the antimicrobial surface from being scratched off, as is the case with conventional coatings. Furthermore, it ensures that ordinary daily use does not limit the effectiveness of ABACO®, but actually intensifies it.

Südmetall guarantees the antibacterial and antiviral properties of the surface for a period of 20 years.

In addition to its remarkable technical properties, ABACO® is also a true design wonder. Numerous items from the Südmetall assortment are available in ABACO® finish and are available in stainless steel, chrome and gold. Fittings for outdoor use can also be selected in ABACO® surface without hesitation – the antimicrobial effectiveness remains unchanged indoors as well as outdoors. ABACO® has been scientifically validated according to JIS Z 2801:2010/A1: 2012 – the highest standard – and ISO 22196: 2007 (E). In accordance with DM and 3/21/1973, no precautions are required for the daily use of ABACO® products. The surface is completely safe for contact with humans.

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What are the distinguishing features of ABACO® antibacterial fittings?

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  • Bacteriostatic function: Already after the first contact with ABACO® bacteria are completely contained in their spreading
  • Antibacterial and antimicrobial effect: They start eliminate bacteria after 5 minutes. From the 45th minute after contact, all bacteria are eliminated. Antiviral efficacy: After 2 hours, ABACO® fittings promise 99.99% antiviral effectiveness
  • Antiviral efficacy: After 2 hours, ABACO® fittings promise 99.99% antiviral efficacy


ABACO® is characterized by extraordinary robustness and durability. Thus, the antibacterial and antiviral effectiveness is even intensified by increased use in the course of the product life cycle. We guarantee this for over twenty years. You can find more information here.


ABACO® fittings do not differ visually from “ordinary” models. So the interior design is not affected in any way. Thus, the antibacterial fittings are available in the versatile color variants stainless steel, chrome and Robusta Gold. The antibacterial fittings can be excellently integrated into premises of the most diverse designs – be it a modern office complex, a cozy ski lodge or a glamorous glittering wellness temple.


But ABACO® not only offers maximum design freedom in terms of color – there are also no limits whatsoever in terms of the shape and area of application of the handle. A major special feature is that the antimicrobial and antiviral effectiveness remains unrestricted even in outdoor areas. For this reason, our product range includes, among other things, protective fittings and push handles in ABACO® design in addition to room door fittings. ABACO® fittings are therefore extremely versatile products. Whether in the private or public sector – protection against bacteria is in demand and important everywhere. However, ABACO® fittings are especially recommended in all areas where many people come together on a daily basis. For example, hygiene is a top priority in schools, kindergartens, hospitals as well as retirement homes. Due to its versatility and durability, ABACO® enables reliable protection against pathogens and, besides, manages to beautify premises in their design.

Effect of ABACO proven by scientific laboratory tests:

The scientific validation was performed at the Universities of Navarra (Spain) and Brescia (Italy) – Department of Molecular and Translational Medicine – in accordance with the standard JIS Z 2801 / A12012. This is the highest standard, which is very commonly used.

The efficacy of ABACO was tested using the bacterial strains Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus, Salmonella, Bacillus subtilis and Candida albicans. These belong to the families of the most widespread bacteria. They are responsible for many contact infections.

ABACO achieved excellent results. The tests proved that bacteria are completely killed after only five minutes – a significant advantage over competing products. ABACO achieves this by destroying the cell membrane of the bacteria, preventing them from feeding and interrupting the cell division process.

In addition, it has been proven that the antibacterial effect of ABACO increases with increased use – and thus over the course of the product’s life cycle.

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