ABACO – antibacterial fittings

The topic of health and hygiene is more important today than ever. Pathogens are often transmitted via the hands – and therefore often via door handles. Preventive hygiene standards, such as classic hand disinfection, are not always sufficient to prevent contact infections.

ABACO fittings offer reliable and lasting protection by having an antimicrobial effect. They kill bacteria in a record time of only five minutes. At the same time, they are extremely robust and the antimicrobial effectiveness increases with increasing use – i.e. over the course of the product life cycle. This durability is guaranteed for a period of 20 years. In addition, the antimicrobial fittings are available in a wide range of colors: stainless steel, chrome, Robusta copper and Robusta gold. They are also ideally suited for outdoor applications.

About Südmetall

Südmetall stands for modern technology and passion in a traditionally shaped market. Since 25 years, founded in 1995 by Jakob Persterer, the company has been a reliable partner of trade and commerce.
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