Our catalog Timeless 05 is only available in interactive form on our website, please note that no printed version is available. This catalog is an excerpt from our main catalog “Fascination Fittings 04”.

The trend around dark fittings: Südmetall offers a harmonious assortment!

Fittings in dark colors are currently in great demand and are the eye-catcher on every door. They transmit modern flair and provide a stylish ambience. Südmetall offers with the brochure “Zeitlos” a coherent complete assortment in different dark color variations.

Südmetall will also present the new trendsetter: Fittings and accessories with a black steel-look surface. This is a noble color tone which represents a harmonious symbiosis of brown, black and gray. The surface is not smooth, but slightly roughened and shimmers discreetly. The assortment ranges from room door sets, glass door fittings and push handles to furniture handles. This means that an entire building can be fitted out with the new trend surface.