Our Timeless 05 catalog is only available in interactive form on our website. Please note that no printed version is available. This catalog is an excerpt from our main catalog “Fascination Fittings 04”.

The trend around dark door fittings: Südmetall offers a coherent range!

It’s the little things that make the big difference in interior design! Door handles in dark colors are more in demand than ever and a real eye-catcher on every door. They convey modern flair, provide a stylish ambience and create a very special room experience. With handle sets in the new Südmetall trend colors, sensual accents can be set without much effort, the style can be emphasized or exciting counterpoints can be created in combination with numerous surfaces. Dark door fittings offer considerably more design freedom and are guaranteed to match any living style: whether straightforward, modern, timeless, minimalist, classic, feminine, elegant, rustic or vintage. The dark lever handle sets are also perfect for retrofitting, as they allow you to breathe new life into existing doors in a very uncomplicated and cost-effective way.

Not all black is the same!

Südmetall offers a coherent complete range in different dark color variants. Door fittings in black steel look are particularly in demand. This is a noble shade, which represents a harmonious symbiosis of brown, black and gray. The surface is also not smooth, but slightly roughened and has a pleasant feel. In addition to the colors black steel look, black matt and black matt structure, Südmetall now introduces the warm surface color anthracite structure. The door handles have a pleasant feel, making gripping them a real pleasure.

Südmetall offers extensive product families for all living areas: The assortment ranges from room door sets to glass door fittings and push handles to furniture handles. Thus a complete building can be equipped in the new trend surfaces.

Stylish accents for design lovers

Dark lever handle sets are an excellent choice for adding a touch of elegance and sophistication to any room. These modern trendy colors are a perfect match for contemporary interior styles and add a timeless aesthetic to any piece of furniture. With their striking color and unique finish, dark door handles are eye-catching and add distinctive charm to any room. Whether in the kitchen, bathroom or living room, these fittings are eye-catchers and set stylish accents. For all design lovers who are looking for a unique look, dark fittings are the perfect choice.

Südmetall just knows what’s IN and hits the nerve of the time with the trendy colors!