ÜLock Novus

Innovation meets Design… without compromises


A product that does not compromise on design and sets a new benchmark in the housing of electronics in terms of safety on the product, compatible with the new trend of Bluetooth connectivity and opening, as well as creating new standards in the field of sustainability.

As security at the door has always been a basic human need, Südmetall has made it its business to integrate all access control electronics into the lock.

All sensitive components are contained in the lock case and are protected by both the door and the lock. On the outside of the key rosette, there is only the reader unit, which forwards the card data to the evaluation unit in the lock and cannot be manipulated. Bluetooth in combination with smartphone apps are gaining ground on the European market. Following this trend, Südmetall has equipped the new ÜLock Novus with a Bluetooth module. With the help of this Bluetooth interface, both control via smartphone and specific variants for OEM customers can be realized.

The RFID reader unit in the ÜLock Novus is housed in the key rosette in the smallest possible space, which means that lever handle models can be freely selected in terms of design and color, and a mechanical profile cylinder for emergency opening is also retained – design requirements no longer have to give way to functional solutions.

ÜLock Novus - Schlüsselrosette mit integrierter Leseeinheit


  • Easy to retrofit, as no additional components are required
  • 2 AAA batteries invisible in the lock case
  • Easy and quick battery replacement without tools
  • Operation by RFID medium or smartphone
ÜLock Novus Battery


  • Inductive charging via the striking plate, therefore no battery replacement
  • Maintenance-free system
  • ÜLock Novus Inductive – The solution for a sustainable future
  • Operation via RFID medium or smartphone
ÜLock Novus - Schlüsselrosette mit integrierter Leseeinheit


  • Handle models are freely selectable in terms of design and color
  • Special colors, PVD and antimicrobial surfaces (ABACO) possible
  • No additional components such as readers on the wall required


  • The electronics are protected in the lock case, only the tamper-proof reading unit is located on the outside
  • The sensitive components are therefore not visible and are protected by the lock and door
  • 20 mm mechanical self-locking of the Ülock
  • Emergency opening by cylinder key still possible


  • Opening by RFID medium or smartphone (BLE)
  • Easy retrofitting, as it can be used in almost all standard doors
  • No additional components, drilling or milling necessary
  • Customized variants available for OEM partners


  • Through inductive charging via the striking plate
  • No battery change and no maintenance necessary
  • ÜLock Novus Inductive – The solution for a sustainable future!