Mounting systems

Vario Star® refers to a family of highly innovative mounting systems. Vario Star® offers a wide range of combinations to meet any customer requirement. All systems in the Vario Star® family guarantee a precise, long-lasting and flutter-free fit of the handle, as well as a perfect hold. Installation is quick and simple.

Vario Star® fittings are designed for installation on standard doors (door thickness 38-42 mm). For different door thicknesses, please specify this in your order.

The Vario Star® family now consists of six innovative mounting systems with different approaches. It all started with the tried and tested Vario Star® Basic quality system with clip rosette and lifting spring. This led to the other systems: Vario Star® MRM Comfort with screw rosette and ball bearing, Vario Star® Top Speed (comfort) with bayonet closure, Vario Star® Flat (flush mounting), Vario Star® Plano (dowel mounting) and Vario Star® Velox Fix.