Adjustable clamping strip profile MOTION

The glazing bead profile made of high-quality aluminum convinces with its stability and quick and uncomplicated assembly. The glass can be aligned by inserting wedges at the same time. This is only necessary on the left and right edge of the glass. The remaining wedges can be dropped into the profile without tools. A holder for a spirit level serves as an additional mounting aid. This allows the alignment of the pane by only one person.
The MOTION clamping strip profile has a general test certificate from the building authorities (AbP). You can find more about the test certificate here…

Verstellbares Klemmleistensystem Motion - aufgesetzte Montage
Surface mounting
Verstellbares Klemmleistensystem Motion - aufgesetzte Montage mit Lasche
Surface mounting with lug
Verstellbares Klemmleistensystem Motion - vorgesetzte Montage
Attached mounting