Push handle with fingerprint

Ordinary push handles with a key as an access option were yesterday. Recently, the range of the hardware manufacturer Süd-Metall Beschläge GmbH also includes push handles with integrated finger scan and optional LED lighting. Thus, a practical and modern solution of keyless access is combined with an attractive design of the complete front door.

With regard to the finger scan, a choice can be made between the two renowned suppliers Idencom (finger scan with CMOS sensor 690-000-X) and ekey (ekey Arte). The push handles in satin stainless steel have a milling for the respective fingerscan and are available in different lengths from 600 to 1600 mm. As an option, the manufacturer also offers an LED illuminated push handle variant with or without ekey finger scan. This new era of push handles is sure to make any front door shine in all its glory.

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The push handle with integrated fingerprint is the perfect solution for those who want to make their door extra secure. With this innovative door handle it is possible to grant access to a room or building only to people who are authorized. By simply scanning the fingerprint, access is granted and unauthorized persons are turned away


The straightforward, ergonomic design makes the push handle easy and convenient to open and close. In addition, the handle is extremely robust and durable, so it will retain its functionality for a long time, even with frequent use.


Thanks to its advanced technology, the fingerprint push handle is the perfect choice for those who want the highest level of security and convenience. With this door handle, you can feel secure while effectively controlling access to your room or building.