Donation campaign 2023

Let’s do good together and give hope!

With our Christmas budget, we give disadvantaged children and children with cancer a new perspective!

Dear business partners, dear customers!
Instead of traditional Christmas presents, we are once again setting an example of humanity. Our Christmas budget this year will go to charitable causes that are very close to our hearts. We have donated € 3,000 to the German Children’s Cancer Foundation and € 2,000 to the Austrian Children’s Cancer Aid. Our aim is to help sick and disadvantaged children and their families, give them a smile and open up hopeful prospects for the future.
Children’s cancer aid organizations are in urgent need of valuable donations to give children with cancer a hopeful future, the chance of health and a life without restrictions. They also provide empathetic support to families affected by financial hardship.
It is a key concern of ours to ensure that our donations reach exactly where they are needed. We are proud to report that the amounts we donate have a significant impact on the organizations mentioned. Mr. Fruth from the German Children’s Cancer Foundation (Parents’ Initiative Internal 3 at the Dr. von Hauner Children’s Hospital in Munich) has assured us that the urgently needed donations will be used to support a pain team. The team provides support for children with acute or chronic pain and uses all available methods, including medication and alternative approaches such as meditation. In addition, the donations are used to cover the costs of a family doctor. Ms. Raudaschl told us that the donations support important projects in the clinics, enable the financing of summer recreation camps, promote vocational and educational orientation and advance ongoing research projects.
We are confident that you will understand and support our commitment and willingness to donate.
Finally, we wish you and your family, employees and colleagues a peaceful Christmas and a successful start to the New Year.
Your Südmetall team

Spendenaktion 2023 - Südmetall spendet an krebskranke Kinder