MIRIA – the EU-funded project goes into the next round

Südmetall is involved in the MIRIA project: Protection against pathogens through innovative coatings and ABACO door handles

Health and safety are the focus of our involvement in the MIRIA project. We are proud to be part of this forward-looking project and to be one of the 15 participating partners from 8 different countries, which is dedicated to combating cross-contamination from highly frequented objects.

One of the main causes for the spread of pathogens are objects of daily use, such as handrails. The MIRIA project has the overall goal of creating safe public environments where the risk of infection is minimised.

We are actively involved in the development and demonstration of antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral coatings for everyday items. From antimicrobial door handles to bed linen and screens, our common goal is to develop innovative technologies that minimise the risk of cross-contamination.

We are particularly proud of our antibacterial and antiviral door handles with ABACO surface coating, which make an important contribution to hygiene and safety.

The effectiveness of these technologies is demonstrated in relevant industrial applications. A particular focus is on the application in operating theatres, where cross-contamination is a particularly critical problem.

Our efforts in the MIRIA project aim to create safer environments where the health of citizens is protected. Through innovative coatings and technologies, we are helping to minimise the spread of pathogens and protect our communities. Learn more about our commitment to the MIRIA project and our vision for a healthier future. Read more here…

Miria Projekt