Discover the future of bio-based hygiene with the MIRIA project: a nano-armor against viruses, germs and bacteria!

Imagine a world where doorknobs, handrails, monitors, textiles and everyday touch surfaces are advanced guardians of our health. This is the vision of the captivating MIRIA project, which uses nanotechnology to take the fight against COVID-19 and other viruses to a new level. The mission is clear: to fight viruses before they can attack us – using groundbreaking bio-based coatings that put the coronavirus in the shade.

In this exciting project, 15 companies from 8 different countries are working together, supported by a 5.9 million euro funding package from the European Commission. Südmetall is one of these teams and is doing everything it can to make public places safer. Our major goal is to develop invisible but strong protective coatings that protect us from harmful germs and viruses. In the role of innovative contributor, our company has already proven that it can transform common contact surfaces into reliable guardians of health. First and foremost is the proven ABACO surface coating, which has continuously demonstrated its reliability in repelling pathogens over many years. Its proven effectiveness makes an invaluable contribution to hygiene – a true cornerstone in our ongoing commitment to a healthier future.

The next chapter is already on the horizon: on April 22 and 23, 2024, the intellectual heavyweight of the scientific world will gather in a place that combines history and future – Charles University in Prague, where groundbreaking ideas will form the next link in the chain of prevention.

Are you ready to dive deeper into the details and become part of the story? The digital door to exploring the MIRIA project is open to you – visit https://www.miriaproject.eu/ and immerse yourself in the era of nano-hygiene, where health protection forms an invisible yet unshakeable fortress.

Miria-Projekt Südmetall