Battery surface mounted keypad

The Bio Key keypad is a practical access solution for small and medium-sized businesses, as well as for private households. The danger of being locked out or losing your key is a thing of the past. The outdoor unit is potted dust and waterproof according to IP 65. Keypad and lock communicate with each other via radio.

Funk Batterie Aufputz Batterie - Stand Alone Zutrittslösung

Wireless keyboard

  • High-quality surface-mounted housing
  • Up to 99 PIN codes possible
  • Radio interface integrated in reader (868 MHz / AES 128 encrypted)
  • User codes selectable between 1 and 8 digits
  • Optional battery operated or with 12V DC
  • Blue backlight (not with battery operation)
  • Colors: silver and black


  • Door is always locked (self-locking)
  • Encrypted data transmission between keyboard and lock
  • Can be used in fire protection and panic doors
  • Mechanical opening by means of profile cylinder


  • Simple operation / control with keyboard
  • 99 different user codes possible
  • Comfortable access, operation of the handle to open the door
  • Continuous opening mode can be set directly on the keyboard
  • No cabling due to battery operation