High Coat

High Coat is a high-quality paint surface from our own production. In our offer you will find numerous products in High Coat design.

The manufacturing process consists of four steps and is carried out under the strictest quality criteria. Maximum environmental friendliness throughout the entire process is always the top priority, along with the outstanding quality of all workpieces. The manufacturing process takes place in a fully automated plant, which ensures consistent quality for all workpieces.

  1. Washing: The workpieces are cleaned and degreased with solvent-free, environmentally friendly water-based products.
  2. Pre-treatments: In this phase a series of treatments are carried out, which are extremely important for the appearance and, above all, for the corrosion resistance and adhesion of the paint.
  3. Cataphoretic painting: Even workpieces with complex shapes can be painted, thanks to the high penetration capacity of this painting process. Complete coverage of the surface and uniformity of thickness can always be guaranteed.
  4. Drying and polymerization: In this phase, the paint is dried and then “fired”. This polymerizes the resin and gives it excellent quality criteria in terms of hardness, transparency, etc.

Advantages oft he High Coat process:

  • While maintaining their strength, workpieces with complex shapes can be painted
  • Increased paint adhesion
  • Easy control of the thickness of the applied paint
  • High degree of automation of the process, thereby guaranteeing uniformity of results throughout the entire production
  • High corrosion resistance
  • Low environmental impact
  • 5 years surface warranty (for more information see warranty declaration)