Protec Finishing

Everyone is talking about it. Everybody tries to realize it. We guarantee and realize them in one of the Almar factories. PROTEC FINISHING is a surface treatment that coats the surface in a high vacuum environment with metal compounds that are combined on a molecular basis with various gases. The definition Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) is very well known in the technical field. In recent years, the demand for PVD products in the decorative sector has increased, especially for outdoor applications. Almar has been working in this direction for many years and today is proud to have achieved results that have been recognized by the market and have led to the creation of a specific plant.

Technical characteristics of the product with Protec Finishing treatment:

  • Twice as hard as chrome (HV 2500/3000 Vickers), therefore particularly durable.
  • Resistant to salt spray for more than 2000 hours without altering the surface (ISO 9227 ASTMB1I7DIN50021).
  • Unlimited resistance to hydrochloric acid.
  • Unlimited resistance to solvents (test performed with MKF = methyl ethyl ketone).
  • Unlimited resistance to specific lime-dissolving products and all products used for surface cleaning in baths.
  • Light fastness of the paint without alteration (UNI9397) for 2400 hours.

The advantages of PROTEC FINISHING:

  • The durability against friction on the surface is practically unlimited.
  • The color of the product does not stain or flake off and remains unchanged for many years.
  • When painting the house or windows, the door handles and accessories are not damaged, even when using cleaning products.
  • The Protec surface is extremely resistant (in coastal and industrial areas).
  • 20 years warranty on this surface!


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