Donation campaign

Südmetall supports children with cancer

Dear business partners, dear customers!

We would like to give you something special today – human warmth and the feeling of having helped. As last year, our Christmas gifts in the form of donations will go to a charitable organization whose commitment is very close to our hearts. It is important to us to help sick and socially disadvantaged children and their parents, to put a smile on their faces and to give them a new perspective for tomorrow.
As in previous years, we invested this year’s budget for Christmas presents in a donation to children with cancer in Germany and Austria. Specifically, a donation of € 3,000 went to the German Childhood Cancer Foundation. A further € 2,000 was donated to the Austrian Children’s Cancer Aid.
Children’s cancer aid organizations depend on valuable donations. Only through our support can they work to ensure that children with cancer can recover and are in no way inferior to other children in terms of their quality of life and future opportunities. In doing so, they competently assist the affected families and support them in financial emergencies.
It is particularly important to us that our donation gets into the right hands and that we do good with it. With the organizations mentioned above, we know that our donation can make a difference. Mr. Fruth from the German Childhood Cancer Foundation (Parents’ Initiative Intern 3 at the Dr. von Haunerschen Kinderspital Munich e.V.) told us that the urgently needed donations would cover running costs and renovations. Also planned are the purchase of school avatars and a Snoezelen cart, which serves to improve sensitive perception and relaxation. Ms. Raudaschl revealed to us that the donations would be used to support important projects at the clinics, fund summer recreation camps, provide vocational and educational orientations, and conduct ongoing research.
We sincerely hope for your understanding of this decision and thank you for your support!
We wish you and your family, your employees and colleagues a peaceful and reflective Christmas and a successful start to the New Year.

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