Donation campaign

Donations instead of gifts
Südmetall is committed to children with cancer

Due to the Corona pandemic, it is more important than ever to help disadvantaged people. Christmas is the festival of charity and we would therefore like to use Christmas 2020 again as an opportunity to help precisely these people. Thus, this year’s budget for Christmas presents was invested in a donation to children with cancer in Germany and Austria. Specifically, a donation of € 3,000 went to the German Childhood Cancer Foundation, or more precisely to the Parents’ Initiative Intern 3 at the Dr. von Haunerschen Kinderspital Munich e.V. A further € 2,000 was donated to the Austrian Children’s Cancer Aid.

The children’s cancer aid organizations are committed to ensuring that children with cancer can recover and are in no way inferior to other children in terms of their quality of life and future opportunities. Providing affected families with competent advice and information is just as much part of their remit as providing support in financial emergencies.

It was very important to us that the donation arrives directly and really helps. We want to give sick children a smile and support them in this difficult situation. Ms. Raudaschl from the Austrian Children’s Cancer Aid told us in conversation what the donations are used for: Namely, not only for important projects at the clinics, but also specifically for the aftercare of the “survivors” in the form of camps and emerging housing projects. Mr. Fruth from the Parents’ Initiative of the German Childhood Cancer Foundation also described to us the necessity of employing an urgently needed additional doctor on the ward, among other things with our donation, and of covering the running costs, since unfortunately many donations have failed to materialize due to the pandemic and the cancellation of all benefit events. These stories have once again confirmed us in our consideration to support the children’s cancer organizations.

Helping children with cancer and their families is a matter close to our hearts. For this reason, we are happy and proud about this year’s fundraising campaign. We very much hope for the understanding of our valued customers and business partners for this decision!

Thank you very much for your support!

With best regards,

Manfred Rettensteiner & Herbert Persterer-Resch

Spendenaktion 2020 - Südmetall spendet an die Kinderkrebshilfe