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Süd-Metall – right now!
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And certainly good for Germany!

The world is looking at Germany – only the strong economy makes this possible!
Our economy is characterized by quality, innovation, efficient use of resources and enormously high productivity. It is one of the most competitive in the world.

Quality, nationality and service are increasingly becoming the main topics in purchasing.
The customer demand for quality from their own country is increasing. Leading economic experts assume that customers will focus more on regional offerings. According to a study by the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture, more than three quarters of consumers already attach importance to regionality. This trend is also evident in other sectors. Sustainability, quality, longevity and service are increasingly coming into focus.

Sustainability and German origin are the new guiding principles in purchasing!
With us as a leading company in Germany, you are on the safe side: you will experience attention, appreciation and the best service. At the same time you receive the certainty of investing in German added value. In this way, you will support our nation as a whole and also the important social and health care system.

Decide with a good feeling: Pay attention to the value of German companies in your consumer behaviour and prefer their products. Service- and value-oriented companies can be recognized directly by the brand “Leitbetrieb Deutschland”!