Meeting rooms in Finland

Innovative idea in Finland becomes reality: Modern equipped meeting rooms at central hubs are already usable!

Private work and conference rooms can be easily located, reserved, paid for and opened by cell phone. All this is already possible in Finland.

Spacehub is the name of the new invention: these are soundproofed and air-conditioned workspaces, which can be found at important transport hubs and central locations, such as train stations, shopping centers, airports,….

Reservations and payments can be made for the modernly equipped meeting rooms using an innovative app for the duration they are needed. The app – developed by the Finnish IT company Steerpath – automates every aspect of space rental from finding and reserving a suitable space to accessing, paying and customer service. By means of an individually generated QR code, the door can be opened for the booked duration. The flexible reservation system avoids the problem of time-consuming key management, such as replacing a lost access card or key.

Spacehub is the answer to the increased corporate need for meeting rooms (for 2-4 person) in a post-pandemic world where teleconferencing dominates meeting both in and outside the office! Spacehub uses the access platform from the Finnish IT technology company Bitwards to provide robust and secure door opening and access control via Bluetooth.

Südmetall is part of this innovative project and has provided the important link with its ÜLock wireless security locks. The modern meeting rooms are equipped with ÜLock-B Battery radio security locks from Südmetall.

The topic of health and hygiene is more important than ever, especially in times of the coronavirus pandemic. That is why the ÜLock glass door locks used can also be combined with numerous ABACO® fittings from Südmetall. This is a PVD surface which, in combination with silver ions, achieves excellent antimicrobial and antiviral effectiveness. ABACO® fittings not only have an antibacterial and antimicrobial effect and begin to kill bacteria after only 5 minutes, but also have a bacteriostatic function, because already after the first contact with ABACO® bacteria are completely contained in their spread. From the 45th minute after contact the bacteria are killed and already after 2 hours ABACO® fittings promise 99.99% antiviral effectiveness.

It is only a matter of time until this trend will also find its way into the German living and working environment and the advantages will be recognized.

Moderne Besprechungszellen in Finnland