The electronic door handle from Südmetall

The ÜHandle can be mounted on almost all commercially available doors and controls access electronically. The entire electronics, mechanics, LED signaling and power supply are completely installed in the door handle in the smallest possible space. This makes the product extremely flexible.

There are variants available in round rosette and oval rosette, with profile cylinder or without perforation.

Different lever handle shapes allow further individualization. The variant with oval rosette also fits doors with very narrow frames.

The timeless and simple stainless steel design fits unobtrusively into any environment, both in new buildings and in existing properties.

ÜHandle - Der elektronische Türdrücker von Südmetall - Langschild und Zutritt mittels RFID Karte

Product features

  • complies with current European lock standards
  • existing locks can be used
  • different lever handles to choose from (Ronny, Hanna,Paula)
  • wireless
  • automatic wake-up of electronics by simply holding a key (passive transponder as card or transponder tag)
  • continuous coupling without additional power consumption
  • certified for fire and smoke protection doors according to DIN EN 1634 (depending on variant)
  • certified for emergency exit locks according to DIN EN 179 (depending on variant)
ÜHandle - Der elektronische Türdrücker von Südmetall - Rundrosette


  • The ÜHandle is available in different designs.
ÜHandle - Der elektronische Türdrücker von Südmetall - verschiedene Drückerformen
  • Long, wide and short shield sets are available in the most common European hole spacing.
    >>> other hole spacings on request!
Lochabstände ÜHandle