World novelty: Inductive energy transmission without battery and without cable!

Automatic inductive energy transmission between lock and striking plate makes battery replacement and wiring of the door leaf a thing of the past. Power is supplied via a cable in the door frame. From there, the current is inductively transmitted from the strike plate directly to the lock. This type of power supply significantly reduces the time required for installation work and eliminates the need for maintenance. This makes the lock ideal for both new construction and retrofitting.

In addition, the ÜLock-B Inductive does not restrict a door in its design, as it can be combined with any standard fitting. Existing electronic locking systems can also be easily expanded to include the innovative premium wireless security lock – further factors that make retrofitting uncomplicated.

The outside handles can be electrically engaged. A wide range of different control systems from various suppliers are compatible with the ÜLock-B Inductive (finger scan, RFID, keypad, handheld transmitter). The control system and the lock communicate with each other via radio. The radio signals are encrypted by AES 128 – efficient protection against unauthorized access.

Security has top priority! For this reason, the lock automatically locks as soon as the door is closed and the complete technology is located in the lock case. This provides permanent burglary protection.