Ütopic in stylish black

Smart & safe

ÜTopic knows how to convince

The Smartlock ÜTopic has already been established on the German-speaking market for several months and enjoys great popularity among end customers. ÜTopic scores with an appealing and slim design: According to Südmetall, it is probably the smallest motorized cylinder lock in the world.

Smart control

The retrofit motor for mechanical lock cylinders, which can be controlled via a free APP, enables motorized opening and closing of the door. The lock communicates locally via Bluetooth with the smartphone or with the license-free ÜTopic APP. Thanks to ÜTopic, forgetting your keys is a problem of the past!

Using the free app, which must be installed on the smartphone in advance, authorizations can be created and managed quickly, easily and simply. The user can choose between permanent, recurring or temporary access.

One-time authorizations can be easily created with a code and sent to the desired participant. The administrator doesn’t even have to be near the door to do this.

The administrator can also generate and assign temporary recurring access authorizations. This is recommended, for example, for nursing staff, the housekeeper or the nanny who need to get into the house regularly. These types of access authorizations are limited to a specific time of day.

Authorizations can be withdrawn and revoked at any time. However, it is necessary for the administrator to be within Bluetooth range of the smartlock.

Easy retrofitting

ÜTopic is perfect for retrofitting and is compatible with almost all doors that have a cylinder lock. No wiring of the door leaf or replacement of the cylinder is required. The existing cylinder does not need to be replaced, but can simply be reused. The smartlock offers no attack surface from the outside, as it is mounted on the inside of the door on the existing lock cylinder and is thus not visible from the outside. The old key remains functional and can still open the door from the outside. This mechanical emergency unlocking is also still possible from the outside for profile cylinders without emergency and danger function (lockable on both sides), which means that the door can always be unlocked from the outside with a conventional, mechanical key in an emergency.

Smart, small, successfull – now even better!

So far, the automatic control of the ÜTopic motor cylinder has been carried out via the smartphone, the hand-held radio transmitter or the fingerprint reader. According to Südmetall, the fingerprint reader will no longer be produced in the future, but will be replaced by two new, even more customer-friendly control modules: New in the program are from now on the weatherproof wireless keypad and the fingerprint reader with integrated keypad. These two items round off the Südmetall product range around the ÜTopic and make the small power package even more customer-friendly and flexible.

Here, advanced technology meets appealing, modern design. Small, compact, modern and in trendy matte black: this is how the new control modules blend into their surroundings.

One-time keypad codes can be easily sent by the administrator while on the move. He does not need to be within range of the ÜTopic, nor does he need to be online to do so. The subscriber gains access to the building by entering the 5-digit offline numeric code on the keypad mounted within range of the door. The keypad or fingerprint reader with integrated keypad communicates with the ÜTopic via radio.

While up to 6 different number combinations can be programmed into the keypad, the variant with fingerprint offers the possibility to learn up to 100 different fingers in addition to the 6 passwords.

But that’s not all!

It’s the little things that make a big difference in interior design! Fittings in dark colors are more in demand than ever and a real eye-catcher on any door. They convey modern flair, provide a stylish ambience and create a very special room experience. To meet this trend, Südmetall presents the brand new ÜTopic in stylish matte black. The fitting and smartlock thus enter into a symbiosis. Precisely because the ÜTopic is mounted on the inside of the door, it should also be visually coordinated with the matching door fitting and underline an interior design style.

Whether black matt or stainless steel colors: Südmetall offers everything from a single source! Südmetall provides not only the respective ÜTopic, but also the matching hardware in all possible designs, shapes and variants. In the 108-page “Timeless 04” catalog, Südmetall presents its wide range of fittings in dark color designs.

To top it all off, there are extra-thin PZ rosettes with a thickness of only 4 mm, making retrofitting on existing doors even easier and more flexible. The ÜTopic only requires a cylinder projection of 2 mm to make the fastening screws on the cylinder perfectly durable.

All advantages at a glance:

  • Aesthetic and safe smart home solution
  • Very simple installation
  • No wiring of the door leaf
  • User-friendly and license-free app
  • Encrypted Bluetooth connection
  • No more battery change, as it is battery operated with Micro USB cable
  • The ÜTopic is mounted on the inside of the front door and thus offers hardly any attack surfaces from the outside: this speaks for more security
  • Usage logs can be called up at any time via app
  • Emergency opening with existing cylinder key still possible
  • No online connection (cloud) necessary
  • Child safety function
  • Ütopic can be combined with all hardware (knob, lever handle, push handle)
  • Permanent, recurring or time-limited accesses can be created
  • Authorizations can be revoked and cancelled at any time
  • Up to 40 different users (remote control)
  • Up to 6 different passwords (keypad)
  • Up to 100 different fingers can be stored in the fingerprint reader
  • The existing cylinder can still be used. It only has to be modified (alternatively there is the possibility to buy prefabricated cylinders with prepared keys)
  • Automatic locking function when leaving the apartment/house (e.g. after 15 or 30 sec.)
  • Automatic locking function for even more security with the Auto locking module (after 5 sec.)

You want to know more about ÜTopic? Then read more about it here!

Uetopic - Wiederaufladbarer Motorzylinder in schwarz matt