Rechargeable motor cylinder

ÜTopic is probably the smallest motorized cylinder lock in the world with integrated Bluetooth!

ÜTopic is a retrofit motor for mechanical locking cylinders, which can be controlled via a free APP. It enables the motorized opening and closing of the door. The automatic control takes place either by means of fingerprint reader, radio handheld transmitter or with your own smartphone (Bluetooth).

The APP (Android & IOS) must be installed on the respective smartphone during commissioning. Additional authorizations can be generated and managed, which can be sent to other users by means of a code. Time-defined authorizations can also be easily set via the APP: This allows, for example, automatic locking at certain times, access authorization for a limited period.

ÜTopic, with its simple operation, sleek design and rechargeable battery, provides greater security and convenience in the home. There is no need to change batteries, it only needs to be recharged every 60-90 days with a charging cable (Micro USB interface).

ÜTopic can be used for all doors with cylinder lock and is perfect for retrofitting. It does not require any wiring of the door leaf. The existing cylinder does not need to be replaced, but can continue to be used. The key must be sawed off according to the template. It is important that the profile cylinder protrudes 2 mm. Alternatively, the profile cylinder can be replaced by a cylinder already prefabricated by Südmetall, including 4 keys. This also eliminates the need to cut the key.

Overview features ÜTopic

Management via smartphone APP

  • Allocation of authorizations for additional users, e.g. by code or directly at the device
  • Automatic actions can be programmed (e.g. automatic locking at a certain time)
  • Time-limited authorizations (e.g. for craftsmen or domestic helpers)
  • Integration into existing systems possible

Perfect for retrofitting

  • Can be used on any door with profile cylinder
    >>> The existing cylinder can still be used (the key must be sawed off according to the template; 2 mm protrusion of the profile cylinder required)
    >>> Alternatively, cylinders already prepared by Südmetall including 4 keys are available
  • No wiring of the door required
  • Cylinders without emergency and hazard function can also be used

General advantages

  • No battery change: rechargeable (sustainability): every 60-90 days the ÜTopic has to be recharged via charging cable
  • Easy commissioning through the setup wizard in the app
  • Mechanical emergency unlocking possible. In an emergency, the door can still be unlocked from the outside with a conventional mechanical key, even if the cylinder does not have an emergency and danger function
  • No license fees
  • Additional control via finger scan and remote control possible

Typical areas of application

  • Apartment doors / private homes
  • Retirement homes / nursing facilities (flexible access for nursing staff)
  • Rentals / vacation homes

Control options


  • Cell phone must be within Bluetooth range to lock or unlock the door or to make changes to the settings
  • Up to 40 different cell phones or controllers can be added
  • One-time codes can be created remotely without an internet connection as ekeys. These can be shared with anyone who wants to unlock the corresponding door using the Utopic SmartLock app installed on their phone
  • Fast and stable connection
  • Change of all settings of the lock possible
  • Usage logs can be retrieved
  • Highly secure Bluetooth communication

Fingerprint reader

  • Storage of up to 100 fingerprints
  • Capacitive sensor with 508 dpi (Suprema)
  • LED graphic display and touch keys
  • Highly secure wireless communication
  • Dimensions: 63 mm x 80 mm x 15 mm
  • Power supply: 2 x alkaline battery
  • Operating frequency: 434 / 868 MHz

Radio remote control

  • Give your gardener, housekeeper, etc. recurring access with your remote control
  • Encrypted rolling code
  • Led activation indicator
  • Long battery life
  • Dimensions: 35 mm x 58 mm x 12 mm (user remote control)
  • Power supply: 2032 lithium battery
  • Operating frequency: 434 MHz


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