The smart retrofit solution

Forgetting keys is a thing of the past thanks to the electronic Smartlock ÜTopic!

ÜTopic is a retrofit motor for mechanical locking cylinders and can be used for all doors with a cylinder lock: It is perfect for retrofitting. ÜTopic does not require any wiring of the door leaf nor any cylinder change. The motor cylinder is mounted on the inside of the door on the existing lock cylinder. The door can still be unlocked from the outside with a key. The electronic door handle not only increases convenience, but also security.

ÜTopic scores with its attractive and slim design: it is probably the smallest motorized cylinder lock in the world!

It is controlled using the customer’s own smartphone via a free APP using Bluetooth and allows the door to be opened and closed by motor. Further control options are e.g. fingerprint reader and radio hand-held transmitter.

The APP can also be used to issue and manage temporary access authorizations, which are sent to the respective user by means of a code. This is recommended, for example, to give the craftsman temporary access, which eliminates the need to hand over a front door key. Temporary recurring authorizations can also be assigned to the gardener or cleaning lady, for example. They can only enter the house during the specified time.

Thanks to the log function, you can keep an overview of your door at all times and everywhere.

You want to know more about ÜTopic? Then read more about it here!

Uetopic - Wiederaufladbarer Motorzylinder