Noctilucent fittings

The unique and patented noctilucent technology stores light and emits it again in the dark for many hours. Normally, the integrated light crystals are fully charged after only 10-15 minutes and release the light in the dark for up to eight hours. This makes “noctilucent products” a valuable orientation aid and provides security. The material is environmentally friendly, 100 percent recyclable, requires no electricity and has a service life that lasts for decades.


Südmetall stands for modern technology and passion in a traditional market. For 25 years, founded in 1995 by Jakob Persterer, the company has been a reliable partner for trade and commerce. Today, Süd-Metall Beschläge GmbH has over 280 employees and is represented on (almost) all continents of the world. As an independent family business, it is one of the market leaders in the German-speaking region with the product ranges of fittings, glass and metal construction.
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