Offline based access control

ÜManagement offers a high degree of convenience to property managers and is therefore variably recommended for the smallest properties but also for large buildings with a large number of users. By installing software, access control can be individualized. For example, it is possible to restrict access to selected days of the week or even times of day. Another form of individualization is the creation of user groups with different access rights. The data is conveniently transferred to the Mifare cards via a card reader on the PC – ACCESS ON CARD.

ÜManagement 2.0


Installation flexibility
STANDARD: simple installation on the computer / single workstation version
SQL SERVER INSTALLATION: can be operated from multiple workstations

Management or Professional modes
– Authorizations are always assigned to a user group
– Clear handling / organization
– Optimal for smaller objects
– Authorizations can be assigned directly to up to 5 doors (additional assignment to user groups is possible, e.g. apartment and common rooms)
– Very extensive possibilities of organization

Easy management of different locks
– ÜLock

– ÜLock Novus
– ÜLinder
– ÜHandle


For the user
– Only one transponder required, no need for a complete bunch of keys
– Low risk in case of loss of the transponder

For the operator
– More comfort and security (e.g. through individual rights / automatic locking e.g. of the entrance door
– No license fees
– Optimized for retrofitting

For the house technician
– Simple software
– Flexible functions
– Automatic assignment of supplementary authorizations (e.g. entrance door/meeting room) possible


Industry / Offices
– Flexible access for employees

Retirement home
Mrs. xyz gets e.g. access rights to her apartment, to the entrance doors and to the wellness area within opening hours

Hotel / apartments
– Very simple issuing of guest cards
– Points system e.g. for the use of wellness / fitness / …

Club / clubhouse
– Very simple administration possible, hardly any previous knowledge required
– Flexible organization (e.g. time zones / authorization of new club members …)

ÜManagement 2.0 software

Access on Card software for organization and management of access authorizations. The software is suitable for convenient organization of objects of any size. Compatibility with the various closures provides maximum flexibility for installation, especially in existing objects.

General product features:

  • Compatible products: ÜLock, ÜHandle, ÜLinder
  • Encrypted data transmission
  • Access on Card: user rights are stored on the identification medium with the help of a desk reader
  • Classification: users/user groups
  • Time management: time zones/weekdays
  • Access authorization: time-definable
  • Event memory can be read out with the help of a “reader card
  • Access authorization: individually programmable
  • Operating system: Windows 7 and new
  • Standard or SQL Server installation
  • Credit function: loaded with points, points are debited with every access

Performance features:

  • 250 buildings
  • 250 corridors per building
  • 68,000 ÜLinder or ÜHandle
  • 15,000,000 ÜManagement RFID readers
  • Users when using ÜManagement RFID readers: unlimited
  • Users when using ÜLinder or ÜHandle: 68,000
  • RFID identification means: Mifare DESFire EV1, EV2 and Mifare Classic 1k, 4k
  • Time zones: unlimited
  • Times per time zone: 2

ÜManagement von Südmetall - Offline basierte Zutrittskontrolle

ÜManagement RFID reader

RFID wall reader for direct control of an ÜLock-B via wireless. The light element of the wall reader can shine in white as an orientation guide. The color green confirms the access authorization, red signals the missing access authorization.

Product features:

  • ÜLock Control: Radio 868.3 MHz
  • Card/transponder type: Mifare Classic 1k/4k and DESFire EV1/EV2
  • Reading distance: maximum 6 cm
  • Configuration: configuration card is programmed using ÜManagement 2.0 software
  • Operating voltage: 12V DC
  • Dimension: 80 x 80 x 28 mm
  • Installation: standard flush-mounted box
  • Event memory: readout
  • Surface: plastic
  • Color cover frame: silver, anthracite, white
  • Color light element: white, green, red
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